Vacuum forming converts a flat sheet of plastic to a 3D component. This is achieved by heating the plastic sheet and pressing it into a mould while a vacuum is applied from underneath. This is considered an efficient process for medium – to high-volume production,

At Polytech Plastics, we use vacuum forming in many applications including moulds, trays, housings, and product covers.

POLYTECH PLASTICS (Australasia)has the ability to vacuum form, drape form and blow mould Plastic sheet form a large range of materials. We can also produce jigs and moulds very economically in-house and then proceed to produce plastic items by vacuum forming or blow moulding. Long runs and short runs are both within our capability.

The THERMAX range of plastic sheet-heating ovens is the perfect solution for heating thermoplastic sheet prior to all types of thermoforming applications. Featuring a fan-forced air circulating system and stainless steel heating elements, the THERMAX range is offered in 3 standard heating sizes with options available on the configuration of Teflon fabric coated shelves within.

POLYTECH PLASTICS can produce items such as:

  • Labo drainers
  • Domes
  • Food dispensing equipment
  • Signage & formed lettering
  • Curved boat and vehicle windows
  • Curved aquariums and fish tanks