Polytech Plastics (Australasia) specialises in the manufacturing of custom acrylic panels, on-site installation and restoration of swimming pool windows. The range of acrylic swimming pool features that can be delivered by Polytech Plastics includes pool windows, pool walls, portholes, acrylic spas, wet edges and water features.

Polytech Plastics has the knowledge and expertise to design, fabricate and install these Acrylic pool windows and you can rest assured that your acrylic pool window will look amazing and be enjoyed for many years to come.

  • MANUFACTURE     Polytech Plastics techniques and vast experience working with acrylic ensures that we can deliver high quality workmanship and turn your ideas into reality.
  • INSTALL   Our team of expert installers are available to install projects throughout Western Australia and South Australia as well as other areas on application
  • RESTORE   We offer a restoration service for acrylic panels should there ever be scratches or damage; we can restore acrylic to its original condition.

Polytech Plastics uses PLEXIGLAS® and you can see below the advantages that this product has over glass and other Acrylic brands


    • PLEXIGLAS® has excellent optical clarity and unlike glass, PLEXIGLAS® is perfectly crystal clear and does not impart a green tinge. While they may look similar, when it comes to pool windows PLEXIGLAS® has many advantages over glass. Once you read the differences you’ll wonder why you would ever use glass for swimming pool windows.
  • PLEXIGLAS® is approximately 16 times stronger.
  • PLEXIGLAS® is more impact resistant and is far safer than glass on impact. PLEXIGLAS® is optically superior to glass, clarity is reduced in glass and affected by green tints.
  • PLEXIGLAS® panels come with a 30 year guarantee against yellowing.
  • PLEXIGLAS® is far more versatile than glass in fabrication, offering limitless design potential.
  • PLEXIGLAS® acrylic can be thermoformed into curves and shapes.
  • PLEXIGLAS® acrylic has high mechanical properties & rigidity reducing required thicknesses against deflection.
  • PLEXIGLAS® achieves 20% more insulation than glass, which reduces temperature fluctuations.
  • PLEXIGLAS® acrylic is considerably lighter (50%) than glass requiring less infrastructure.
  • PLEXIGLAS® acrylic can be edge bonded to achieve transparent L shaped bends.


  • PLEXIGLAS® acrylic can be repaired if scratched.