Shop Fittings

A shop fit-out, whether it is a complete makeover or partial renovation is always a demanding time for the store owner / manager. POLYTECH PLASTICS (Australasia), with our large stock holding, huge product range and custom manufacturing ability can minimize stress for you.

On multi-store roll-outs, we can work with you to develop a supply system to ensure your project comes together – right and on time.

POLYTECH PLASTICS works with designers and architects to ensure that specified items are the best option and the products are available when required for store opening.

You can take advantage of our complete cutting service and have your wall panelling pre-cut according to your requested dimensions. This eliminates on-site mess and alleviates OH & S concerns as to dusty environment and manual handling issues.

We have completed many projects from the following retail stores and retail chains:

  • Clothing and Soft Goods Retailing
  • Housewares and Appliance Retailing
  • Recreational Goods Retailing
  • Personal & Household Goods Retailing
  • Furniture


POLYTECH PLASTICS can supply for you:

  • Glass and Acrylic showcases
  • Grooved wall panelling
  • Point of sale displays
  • Merchandising units
  • Modular systems for ease of change and expansion
  • Counter units and Impulse buying displays