Screens and Wind Breaks

POLYTECH PLASTICS (Australasia) has the capability to supply, fabricate and install many styles of Screens, Security screens, windbreaks, balustrading and other barrier screens.

POLYTECH PLASTICS uses a variety of materials to suit your project. We have the experience to recommend the right Plastic material to suit your application. Some of the Plastics we have used are OMEGA-GLAS ® Acrylic; OMEGA-GARD ® Polycarbonate (we have the MR10 mark resistant product and the AR abrasion resistant product to ensure longevity); OMEGA-GLAS ® PETG as well as many other materials where a clear view is not required. OMEGA-GLAS ® Acrylic has a 92% light transmission and OMEGA-GARD ® Polycarbonate has an 89% light transmission factor so they are clearer than glass and half the weight.

Some of the projects we have done are:

  • Tough safety screens for Freeway bridges (Anti-graffiti film can be applied)
  • Balustrade safety screens for multi storey residences and housing
  • Anti-jump screens for financial institutions and other  security critical applications
  • Clear screens for spa and swimming pool fencing
  • Removable patio windows with aluminium frames.
  • Drum sound – screens for church groups and bands
  • Non-metallic barriers to channel people through metal detectors in Customs and security areas at airports
  • Childproof screens at Government departments
  • Protective screens and covers at mentally disabled institutions