POLYTECH PLASTICS (Australasia) has the capability to fabricate many specialised Seals, Seats, Gaskets, Washers and Rings.

Some of the Plastics used in the fabrication of these units are OMEGA-AMIDE® Nylons; OMEGA-CHEM® PVC; OMEGA-TAL® Acetal (POM) OMEGA-TECH® HDPE; OMEGA-PEEK® PEEK; OMEGA-ULTRA® Ultra high density Polyethylene; OMEGA-GLYDE® PTFE Teflon; OMEGA-LATEX® Rubber; OMEGA-THANE ® Polyurethane; OMEGA-CRYO® PCTFE  and other Engineering PLASTICS.

Some of the advantages of Plastic or Rubber Seals, Seats, Gaskets, Washers and Rings are:

  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Longer wear life than metals
  • Longer wear life on sheave & pulley
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Easier and faster fabrication
  • No need for painting
  • Lower noise levels
  • Electrical Insulation


Some of the situations that Plastic or Rubber Seals, Seats, Gaskets, Washers and Rings can be used in are:

  • Subsea concrete caisson gaskets
  • Cryogenics – technology seals
  • Seals where chemical resistance is required
  • Low noise seals
  • Trucks and other heavy machinery
  • Medical applications – suitable for autoclaving and radiation treatments
  • Process equipment , conveyor belts


POLYTECH PLASTICS (Australasia) use a 5 step solution process:

  • Briefing/Listening: we find out what your requirements and goals are. We ask questions to clarify those points
  • Experience/Knowledge: we have the experience and have done it. We have the knowledge as to what works
  •  Application/Design: we can design for you. We can apply what we have done before to your request or start with an entirely new design concept
  • Engineering/Recommendation: engineer your product and recommend the right  PLASTIC, thickness, design to meet your needs economically
  • Prototyping/Production: we can prototype to ensure everything is  right then we can commence production in long or short runs.