Medical Equipment

POLYTECH PLASTICS (Australasia) is heavily involved in the fabrication of Medical equipment.

Polytech Plastics (Australasia)  has been involved in the MEDICAL INDUSTRY for many years and their services include Design work, Product development, Engineering solutions to produce innovative answers to you requests as well as being able to manufacture these items in either small or large runs. We have the experience and back up knowledge to recommend the right PLASTIC that will give maximum life in the situation you are using them.

The Team at Polytech Plastics (Australasia) make it their responsibility to keep up with the latest technology worldwide and apply it for you.

Some of the items that we have applied our experience in the MEDICAL INDUSTRY are:

  • Cancer treatment equipment – radiation technology delivery boxes and syringe shields used in nuclear medicine
  • Pharmaceutical Processing – sliding and wear applications, filing and dosing equipment, mixing equipment
  • Analytical and Diagnostic equipment -  trays, centrifuges, DNA probe analysers, transport and sliding parts, X ray and NRI devices
  • Biotechnology and Laboratory equipment -  screening process, bio reactors, nozzles adaptors etc
  • Hospital equipment – Body boards for stretchers, arm support boards, bed pan racks
  • Other – test tube holders, measuring equipment; drying racks, patient clipboards
  • Drawer dividers – to ensure that your equipment or notes are in the right place at the right time


We know the benefits of PLASTICS and can apply them in your situation to bring improvements in the MEDICAL INDUSTRY.  Some of these benefits are:

  • Corrosion resistance to strong acids / bases and hydrocarbons etc.
  • Impact resistance
  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance – ability to take autoclaving
  • Resistance to radiation
  • FDA and other authorities approved
  • Less weight converting to lower energy costs
  • Ability to test production in small scale before committing to large capital expenditure