POLYTECH PLASTICS (Australasia) has the capability to fabricate many specialised Laboratory benches and equipment in PLASTICS for the Mining Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, Chemical Industry and for Education purposes.

POLTECH PLASTICS has the knowledge and know how to design these Laboratory Benches and equipment using the most effective, economical and long life Plastic and then they have the ability to fabricate it in-house with their up-to-date equipment. Some of the Plastics they use in the fabrication of these units are OMEGA-PRO® Polypropylene; OMEGA-CHEM® PVC; OMEGA-FLUOR® PVDF (including fleece backing for FRP reinforcement); OMEGA-TECH® HDPE; OMEGA-GLAS® Acrylic PMMA (so that the process is visible for testing and improvement); OMEGA-GARD® Polycarbonate and OMEGA-FLEX Plasticised PVC.

POLYTECH PLASTICS also has a steel fabrication shop so that they can provide the full system of these Laboratory Benches and equipment by welding steel or stainless steel and aluminium. We have even used concrete and reinforcing, rubber and laminated products so that we can provide the full Solution for you.

Some of the situations that POLYTECH PLASTICS have provided Solutions for Laboratory benches and Equipment are:

  • Laboratory fit outs
  • Balance benches
  • Fume cupboards
  • Test rigs
  • Extraction rigs


POLYTECH PLASTICS (Australasia) use a 5 step solution process:

  • Briefing/Listening: we find out what your requirements and goals are. We ask questions to clarify those points
  • Experience/Knowledge: we have the experience and have done it. We have the knowledge as to what works
  •  Application/Design: we can design for you. We can apply what we have done before to your request or start with an entirely new design concept
  • Engineering/Recommendation: engineer your product and recommend the right  PLASTIC, thickness, design to meet your needs economically
  • Prototyping/Production: we can prototype to ensure everything is  right then we can commence production in long or short runs.