POLYTECH PLASTICS (Australasia) has the capability to machine, fabricate and install many styles of Hoppers, Chutes and Bulk Linings for the Mining Industry, Agricultural Industry and the Building & Construction Industry.

POLTECH PLASTICS has the knowledge and know how to design, fabricate and install these Hoppers, Chutes and Bulk Linings using the most effective, economical and long life Plastic and then they have the ability to fabricate it in-house with their up-to-date equipment. Some of the Plastics they use in the fabrication of these units are; OMEGA-TECH® HDPE-PE100; OMEGA-ULTRA® Ultra high molecular weight Polyethylene (using specialised grades to optimise performance); and OMEGA-GLYDE® PTFE Teflon.

POLYTECH PLASTICS also has a steel fabrication shop so that they can provide the full system of these Hoppers, Chutes and Bulk Linings by welding the steel or stainless steel fixings as necessary. We have even used   rubber, polyurethane and laminated products at the interfaces so that we can provide the full Solution for you.

Some of the situations that POLYTECH PLASTICS have provided Solutions in Plastic or Rubber Jetty Fenders and Bumpers are:

  • Dump truck liners
  • Hoppers & transfer chutes
  • Ship holds
  • Rail dump hoppers
  • Bulk storage flow promotion
  • Bulk storage wear liners


POLYTECH PLASTICS uses specially formulated grades of OMEGA-ULTRA ® Ultra high molecular weight Polyethylene for your situation to ensure that you get the best result. Changes in moisture and particle size can affect the product’s ability to flow. Steel surfaces can become rough and corroded, causing materials to stick to the surface, causing blockages, ratholes, material hang-up or bridges. This reduces productivity and quality.

The range of OMEGA-ULTRA ® Ultra high molecular weight Polyethylene that POLYTECH PLASTICS uses combines the best surface qualities with abrasion resistance, promoting bulk material flow, whilst at the same time withstanding abrasion from these rough applications. Also, lining a bin with OMEGA-ULTRA ® UHMWPE is only about one third the cost, lower in weight and reduces load on the overall structure.