Edge Finishing

We can provide precision finishing for a wide range of applications, including Flame Polishing, Machine Polishing, Diamond Tipped Edge Polishing, Buffing, and Wet Sanding.

POLYTECH PLASTICS (Australasia) has two styles of machines in diamond edge polishers:

  • The AMI BERMAQ is a machine for the machining and polishing of methacrylate parts (PMMA) and other plastics. It offers a high quality finish. In the AMI model, the head can be positioned in order to polish bevels and angles up to 60º. The head spins at 24,000 rpm to create a very clear finish. In this kind of machine the material lays on a solid steel bed and the diamond head moves across the edge of the panels. It is ideal for mass production runs.
  • The EF200 Diamond Edge Polisher Machine removes saw marks and produces a clear, polished edge on acrylic and other plastic parts parts, all in a single pass through the machine. In this kind of machine the diamond head is stationary and the material moved across the head. It is ideal for jobbing and custom production.

POLYTECH PLASTICS has up-to-date machinery in:

The LUX Flame-Polishing machines are designed for polishing shaped edges, internal milling, cuts, internal corners and holes.